9/11: if you think i’m whacked

if you think all of us crazy “conspiracy theorists” have had all of our “crackpot notions” debunked, i highly recommend you read the following book:

he even discusses how the phrase “conspiracy theory” has taken on a negative connotation and is used to quickly dismiss anyone who doesn’t buy the official version of what happened that day. talk about crazy conspiracy theories: 19 Arabs circumvented our multi-trillion dollar defense system and even managed to crash a plane into the Pentagon about an HOUR after we knew we were under attack by hi-jacked aircraft?? really???


One Response to “9/11: if you think i’m whacked”

  1. orville weale Says:

    Most people’s 1st reaction to hearing these facts is disbelief and anger that someone would say such a thing. I don’t understand that part of human nature. Maybe they love the country so much the would block out anything negative about it. God help us.

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