David Gray is an asshole

No ‘Babylon’ for Gray fans in coming world tour

Fans of David Gray who want to hear his biggest hit “Babylon” performed live as he tours to promote his latest album may be disappointed because the singer-songwriter is sick of playing it.
At early shows on a North American tour promoting his September release “Life in Slow Motion,” Gray played almost exclusively new songs, despite audience calls for old hits.

Fans at New York’s Webster Hall on Tuesday grumbled at the noticeable absence of “Babylon” — the song which made him an international star.

“I only want to sing things that I can feel and if I don’t have a feeling for a song … then I’ll pass it over,” Gray said in an interview on Wednesday. “Babylon is not very alive for me at the moment.
“It killed me. I try to resuscitate from time to time, but how many times did I have to play that thing — 10 times a day, 300 days a year in all kinds of garish situations.”
But Gray, 37, isn’t saying never: “It’s not my song any more. It’s very much the audience’s song, so if I’m feeling generous I’ll wheel it out one night.

WAAAAAAAAAA. you fuckin asshole. i’m sure you’re sick of it, but try being the Stones…. or Bruce playing “Born to Run.” get over it. oooooh, you had to play it in garish situations! like what? TV shows, concerts, and in-store appearances? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. good work if you can get it!

Now Gray is on a tour that could last for 18 months — something he said was almost a “betrayal” of his wife.

“Being separated from my family is the worst part. If my wife had her way, I wouldn’t be going on a world tour,” he said. “This is where it gets a little bit uncomfortable, because I know I am leaving her in the lurch. She’s basically being left with two young kids.”

so stay home and get a job at Blockbuster you fuckin hack.

Saying his recent fame has left him with little time for anything but his family and his work, Gray described himself as “a frustrated political person” who does not know what to do to make a difference in the world.

But one thing he certainly did not approve of was July’s Live 8 concerts, organized by Bob Geldof to pressure world leaders to reduce debts of the world’s poor.

“It’s a garish sight to me to have people who don’t know what they are talking about, patronizing their audience about changing the world. I don’t believe in sound-bite politics.”

Instead, Gray would rather people take concrete action — such as paying more in taxes to alleviate poverty.

“Otherwise where does this money come from? World leaders? Do they go to the special ‘world leader’ pot and get the money? It’s just … ridiculous,” he said.

what? you’re a frustrated political person who doesn’t know what to do to make a difference? yet you don’t want to help raise money and awareness thru stuff like Live 8?? and the one thing you CAN do, use your fame and microphone to express what’s on your frustrated political mind… well, that’s “patronizing.” let’s pay more taxes so the politicians can still not use the money for just causes. good plan a-hole.

oh, speaking of patronizing, how bout not playing the one fuckin good song you have, the one that gave you this great life.. and if/when you play it, it’s cuz you’re being generous. fuck you.


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