The grocery store cashier is afraid of Obama

So this older dude, most likely in his 60’s, was my cashier at the Giant when I went for groceries the other day. There were some boy scouts there collecting canned food for hungry locals. So the guy says something about what a shame that so many peeps are hungry and going without……

him:”President Bush’s time will be up soon and the next person will have a job to do.”
me: “uh, yea…..”
him: “but I don’t think Obama is the answer……”
me: surprisingly silent and polite… before offering, “I’m willing
to take a chance on him.”
him: “I don’t know…. I mean, Jesse Jackson’s hanging out not really
say anything, but you know soon as Obama is elected Jesse Jackson will be the first one calling….”
me: “uh. well….. just cuz he might come calling doesn’t mean he
actually has any power.”
him: “I don’t know, they’re saying it’s gonna be a Black Agenda. I’m
not sure about that.”
me: “uh, I really don’t think it will be.”
him: “and I cant really see Hillary Clinton making a declaration of

cant remember how it ended…. but good thing I was polite and kept to myself cuz this guy was a bit idiotic. you can be a republican or a McCain supporter and you don’t have to be an Obama supporter…. but worrying about Obama and Jesse Jackson instituting a Black Agenda?? Where do they get this shit? And then being concerned that Hillary won’t make war? Why, cuz she’s a GIRL??? And…. why do you WANT more war?? fuck…. I guess there’s around 50% of Americans like this and a lot them vote!

and to those of you who think I am naïve about the reality of Life and Race in America:

I am far from living in a lily-white middleclass utopia. I’m not the one scared of the alleged Black Agenda and the supposedly upcoming race riots that will apparently be the result of an Obama win OR loss.I’m also not going to give you my resume of Black Experience or trade lists with you on how many blacks you’ve had in your house (the cable guy doesn’t count, but if you’re counting there’s a problem). Obama is NOT my hip black imaginary friend. He is not my release from white racist guilt. I don’t need it. I’ve been a progressive anti-racist for as long as I can remember. I would vote for Obama if he was green or purple or even a white man. I’m sure some of you come in contact with many “under-privileged black people” in your daily life. How are those folks helping to enlighten your world view and ease your paranoia about the impending race wars? Sounds like it’s not going too well. I’m sorry that those mean poor blacks you see in urban areas fucking hate you cuz you’re white and they assume you hate them. I’m really sorry to hear that. Welcome to an America where the rest of us fully evolved non-racists are standing up to say we are embracing a new POSITIVIE way of doing things. and if the messenger happens to be black, so what. We’re not gonna give up on that “hope” and “change” and go the “safe” route with the Clintons or McCain. Some of you fear this will truly divide the country and I hope it will truly unite the country.
Good times.


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