Democrats Hate America??

So this morning on my drive in… i see this asshole in a truck and on the back in HUGE (huge!) letters it says DEMOCRATS HATE AMERICA, and the C in democrats is actually the soviet hammer/sickle.

Okay, first of all, I’m not a democrat, but you can guess that their alleged platform is more in line with my thinking than the republicans. But that doesn’t matter. How ridiculous and flat-out stupid and wrong is that statement?
So I’m considering just giving him the finger for being such a dick, though I probably would just do the stare-down headshake. But as I pull along side I see he’s in uniform that says “county sheriff’s office.” so this is the kinda whackjob that works in a sheriff’s office? Does he have a gun??

Now…. I know…. free speech and all…. but does he REALLY believe that? Aren’t there other more accurate statements he could make that might be thoughtful/intelligent reasons to not vote Democrat?

What the fuck is wrong with this country that people need to put DEMOCRATS HATE AMERICA in huge letters on their truck??


One Response to “Democrats Hate America??”

  1. […] on the back of their cars. I’ve mentioned some of the annoying tendencies of rednecks and rightwingers in previous posts, and I’ll get to some more political bumper stickers in the future. But […]

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