You do NOT look cool with that Bluetooth thing in your ear!

Sorry if that’s you, but you’re an asshole.

Seriously. There’s other hands-free options. And most of the time when I see people wearing them, they’re not even on a call. Just walking around with this fuckin thing in their head so everyone can see they have one. Like “Ooh! I might get a call! I’m ready!” Bunch of tossers. Again, sorry if you have one. They just look idiotic.

ugh….. there’s more and more of them every day! Multiplying like cyborgs or something. And I saw this freakin really old guy with white hair, sitting in a restaurant with his wife, not on a call, wearing one of these things.
Saw another dude the other day, driving a pistachio/light-blue Mercedes….. had a Bluetooth thing in his right ear while he was talkin on a phone he was holding to his left ear!
This is what we’ve come to? We’re so “busy” in our “fast-paced, hi-tech” world that we can’t even go like this [raises arm so hand meets ear]??


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