Sarah Palin the Desperation Pick

This is a desperation move. Sorry, no disrespect to Sarah Palin, I’ll get to reading up on her this weekend. But does John McCain think that he’s going to somehow steal away some “Hillary Democrats” by simply putting a female on his ticket? A little-known, inexperienced, not-ready-for-prime-time, first term Governor from Alaska? Really? Does he think that women are so shallow and gullible that they will simply go vote for whichever ticket has the female V.P.?

Of course he made sure she was Pro-Life so that it would garner approval from his base (the last 20% that approve of Bush, combined with the 20% that are misinformed skeptics of elitist Muslim candidates). But he wanted to attract the alleged indepents/conservative-centrist Democrats. But how? A well known cheesy looking business guy like Mitt Romney? A former Dem and current Jew like Joe Lieberman? A young Indian-American “rising star” politician like Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal? Or, how bout…. A WOMAN!! Hey, Good for Palin, good for progress and babysteps and equality and all that. But this is a shallow, desperate move by a guy who sees the New America pulling out of the station with a head full of steam and this old warrior can do nothing but run after it waving and screaming “wait for me!”

Again, with apologies to Gov. Palin… this is window dressing. This is Bush in the flight suit with the Mission Accomplished banner behind him. So now McCain gets to play Cheney Warman and Palin gets to be the aw-shucks Puppet? That’s cute.

Sure, this might get everyone talking and might change the subject away from the Democrats successful convention and Obama’s great acceptance speech. But that conversation will clearly end up being about who really gets it and is ready to not just play Leader-Guy but to actually lead all of us in fixing this country.


Just watched her introduction speech. She was solid and professional and I think she did a good job.

That said, she used to stand up against big oil and special interests and inefficient bureaucracy and wasteful spending. now she’s standing WITH all that stuff, wearing all black and a large flag pin, and playing the P.O.W. card and then praising Hillary Clinton in an obvious suck-up ploy for female votes.


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