Got Flip-Flops?

Okay, I have a new pet peeve. (My ultimate pet peeve was one of my earliest blog posts.) Obviously I spend too much time in my car, cuz much of what bothers with me with people is what they have on the back of their cars. I’ve mentioned some of the annoying tendencies of rednecks and rightwingers in previous posts, and I’ll get to some more political bumper stickers in the future. But this is about flip-flops and families.

First, you have these people, usually women, who will have one pair of flip-flops… like a generic outlined flip-flop logo window sticker in their back windshield. What is that? Like, “I’m a chick, and I’m such a beach bum! I just LOVE flip-flops! Some people like Obama or the Local Sports Team or the Outer Banks (OBX)… well I like flip flops!!”

Then, you have the minivans or other vehicles with little depictions of their family demographic. Like big guy (dad), slightly smaller female (mom), and then two or three little kid logos. Like I really care how many kids you have and/or that their names are Madison, Brandon, and Logan. Or that you have pets.

Okay, finally, it gets exponentially worse when these two strange phenomena are combined. That’s right, the flip-flop family. Seriously… WHY?


One Response to “Got Flip-Flops?”

  1. Friends of yours have one of these on the back of their truck. You should ask them. 🙂

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