Can The Drummer Get Some

Well,  YOU can get some.

Here’s some free music for you. A recording i did with Steve Rubin (who many of you know i worked with in The Circle Six and Eight Track Mind). i play drums/percussion on tracks 1,2,4, and 6, but this is essentially “his” album. hope you dig:

Jackie and the Treehorns: The Future of Adult Entertainment

note: the drumbeat for track 2 is something i constructed playing 2 different takes on a keyboard. so it sounds programmed/electronic, but i actually played it thru on a Triton keyboard twice and we mixed them together to build this beat.

track 4 was written/recorded live on the spot as we jammed in the studio. a riff, a beat… soon it was done. i over dubbed a hand-drum part on this little drum i bought in greece.

track 6 is the oldest recording…. something we wrote/recorded a couple years ago for Josh Bolton’s surfing DVD soundtrack Drawing Lines. it didn’t make that soundtrack but we always loved it cuz it was different than anything we’d ever done together and then it happen to fit in with this set of songs.


One Response to “Can The Drummer Get Some”

  1. Rubber Duck Says:

    I like it very mucho!

    thank you!


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