The Circle Six Archives

Once upon a time in another life that was part of this one, I played drums in a band called The Circle Six. It was the best of the worst times and we made less money than we spent. From 1992 to 2001, the music evolved and migrated and meandered and always meant the most to us during each moment it was made.

We were born and raised in the eclectic Morgantown music scene along side Rasta Rafiki, Joint Chiefs, Karma to Burn, the Recipe, and countless other bands that may or may not have thought we were assholes. In addition to playing most of our home games at the legendary Nyabinghi Dance Hall at 123 Pleasant St, we also graced the stages at CBGB’s, 930 Club, and many holes in walls inbetween. Over the years we shared the bill with New Riders of the Purple Sage, Rusted Root, Ras Fairmont, The Roots, G.Love & Special Sauce, Verve Pipe, 3LG, Linkin Park, Sampson, Thrift Unit, the Crownsayers, Papa Roach, Fried Moose, 2 Skinny J’s, and some other bands that didn’t want to play before us and a few that regretting going on after us.

We slept on a lot of couches and even more floors. We went through two different vans and laughed to the point of hyperventilation about stuff that wouldn’t seem that funny if I tried to explain it to you now.

Along the way we made several recordings of varying styles and quality. Now you can wander through all of it or sample just some of it. Download any or all of it for free or just listen to it online by clicking on this sentence.

And we’re not reuniting unless it’s for the opening slot on the Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour, so don’t ask.


10 Responses to “The Circle Six Archives”

  1. Paul "Bell" Campbell Says:

    Joey P.

    Thanks for this, dude. I’ve been looking for these albums for years. I was a true Sunnyside-rat when you guys we’re on the Mo’Town music scene. I remember buying Gravity Hits when it came out from the Den (bastards) and seeing ya’all every week, whether it was at the ‘Binghi or the Sunnyside Music Garden or at whatever Frat Hill bash you boys were playing. I also fondly recall the films by the Worthy Bros.

    Gravity Hits was the sound track to some of the best times of my life with some of the best friends I ever had. Playing foosball on a table stolen from Dick’s at that crappy apartment’s front porch across from Jersey Subs, yelling “Can you dig it” whenever I walked into a big party or crowded bar to find my Sunnyside crew-mates or proudly hollerin’ “I’m a Sunnyside dweller” whenever you guys played Fantasy #7.

    Your music along with Karma, the Chiefs and the Recipe and others going back to Tooling for Bovines played such a part in who I am and my tastes today. I can’t thank you all enough for those great years.

    For you guys and all my old friends: Cassell, Noel, Clay, “Bald Eagle” Clayton, J.T., Rob, Barker, Shy, Lance, Shane, B.J., Jeff, Bernard, Smith, Shawn, White Jay, Nick, Skeeter and everyone I’ve left out.

    Wheeling, W.Va.

    • thanks for the kind words. it’s definitely cool to know that people out there were diggin our music. definitely pass around the link to this page. we’re glad to finally have all this stuff out there cuz we’ve heard from people over the years trying to track down some of the tunes.

  2. Good stuff, Todd. Moving across the street from the Circle Six house on Grant Avenue was a game changer.

    Circle Six Groupie. (top tier)

  3. NO WAY!

    I did a double-take when I saw the words: Circle Six on the sidebar of my blog.

    I saw you guys play in Morgantown, WV – you were great!


  4. anyway to see the Worthy Bros videos – where are they archived? good times, great friends and a ton of laughs!!!

  5. Really stoked that the music is all here in one place. Thanks Bell for the comments, I think the music hit home with a lot of people at that time….great stuff for sure!

    This brings me back no doubt.

  6. The worthy bros filmed the wallstreet skate team me Seth Dave John ect,and we were on the backdrop for some of the shows sunny side music emporium & pleasant street.I trying to go back to the past,what are the chances of me tracking down,the footage?I’t would mean a lot to us guys.Still have the gravity hits cd.Its no bigge,those were some of the best days of my life.Miss yall.Holla back….Shane

  7. John Andrew Miller Says:

    Thank you. I lost the physical media in a divorce, bitter man, it was mine way before I got married, I had one copy of Gravity Hits on about five hard drives. To come across your post was not only a great read, but to get in touch with the music. The best.

  8. Bradford Sweeney Says:

    Wow, Thanks for this. You hit all the notes in that piece you wrote about Karma and Joint Chiefs…etc, but you guys were right there making it happen. There was some great music in Morgantown in the 90’s, and I will never forget seeing you guys, while camping out at the Harvest Moon Festival in WV. That show kind of blew me away because of the shift in your music and the Worthy Brothers vids that accompanied the show. That was a pretty big time time we had there. Surprised I remember it so well after all these years. Thanks for sharing the work. It is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten!

    • Todd.Levinson.Frank Says:

      Thanks man!

      btw, this is my old blog, we have a new site at where we have all the C6 music links (and recent side/solo projects) as well as lots of writing about music and other stuff. thanks for the kind words.

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