Sarah Palin Won’t Run for President in 2012

Even the people who aren’t fooled by Sarah Palin are still fooled by Sarah Palin. We, er, they are going to talk and speculate and talk some more about will-she or won’t-she run for President. This will go on ad nausea for most of 2011. All while she’ll soak up way too much attention from the “lame-stream media,” cuz all press is good press, and whatever moves the ratings needle and whatever keeps her in, near, or around political news and pop culture will help her sell more books and land new TV gigs and make her more money on the speech circuit.

She’ll make TV appearances, and ridiculous comments, and her stupid talking points will continue to drive the national conversation despite the fact that even leading conservatives and republicans know she’s unqualified and unelectable. But that stuff is easy. Running for (let alone being) President is not. So she won’t do it. She’s lazy.

So she’ll ride the wave of speculation all the way to her eventual destiny as the White Trash Oprah. And she’ll stroke her ego by holding out her eventual endorsement of one of the Republican candidates as long as possible, as if she’s some sort of kingmaker. But she won’t run for President.


One Response to “Sarah Palin Won’t Run for President in 2012”

  1. Don’t Reload Palin Says:

    “ad nausea” multiple nauseuii! a GAGgle of nauseuus. 🙂
    the employment part of the U.S. economy’s picking up too soon for conservatives. this recent gun spree murder in AZ makes 2012 even *more* difficult for palin than it would have been.
    but disregarding those realities, I’ve been thinking the same as you about her personality. she’s “ambitious” yet innately lazy. her recent celebrity career pays too well and is easy and ‘fun’. so, she’s decided she doesn’t want to be president (way too much work), and vp is too “low” for her (and still too much work).
    really, *both* pres and vp are demotions in her mind.
    disclaimer: predicting the future is mostly for amusement.

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