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Freedom IS Free

Posted in essays, misc.blurbs with tags , , , , on Friday, 2009 by Todd.Levinson.Frank

Well it’s July 4th weekend. Independence Day. Not really my favorite holiday. Of course, I’m an anti-American commie liberal hippie blogger so whattaya expect. Not really. I’m not actually anti-American. I guess I’m just kinda anti-YAYAMERICA!! Just not gung ho about wearing a stars’n’stripes shirt, sayin “happy fourth” like I mean it, and settin off fireworks. I don’t mind hanging out and watching professional fireworks if they’re good. Never quite understood the draw of spending a bunch of money at those fireworks stands that pop up in every parking lot come June.

I guess it’s fitting that America celebrates itself by blowing shit up. I mean really, what are the mainstays of this holiday? Not working, gorging on grilled meat and beer, and setting stuff on fire that makes loud noises and flashy lights. Aint that America.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my freedom and I appreciate my freedom and all that… but I guess I just don’t fully buy into the rah-rah holiday about it.

I see these bumper stickers that say “FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.” Really? It isn’t? I mean, I know that people have made great sacrifices for me to be here and other people have fought and died in wars that allegedly preserved our freedom. But I think freedom is free. Essentially shouldn’t we all be born free? Like that 70’s TV show with the theme song “born free….. as free as the wind blows.” Of course, the people who made the sacrifices to ensure that I would not only be born free, but be born at all… they were Russian and European. And the 50k + who died in Vietnam…. Did they really protect our freedom? Ditto for pretty much all the wars in my lifetime right up to and including Operation Iraqi Freedom. Damn, there’s that word again. What kind of freedom are we “spreading” in Iraq? Freedom to have Burger Kings and Best Buys and “democratic elections?” like that one we had in 2000? That was a nice little slice of democracy wasn’t it? Of course, I don’t remember any of us taking to the streets and risking our lives over it like the people are doing in Iran.

Ah, but I’m dwelling on the past. Bitching about a stolen election that altered the course of America and human history. I need to just get over it. I need to just Shut The Fuck Up and Love My Country. As do all the freedom lovin flag waving real Americans who think that Barack Obama is some secret Muslim socialist.

Okay I’m babbling. And obviously I hate The Troops (I’m kidding!).

Actually the 4th of July, to me, will always be my dad’s birthday. That’s right, falls out on the holiday every year. So, here’s to my dad. And here’s to your freedom, and my freedom, and to the idea that freedom IS free. So maybe we do need a little reminder to appreciate abstract concepts we take for granted like “independence” and “freedom.” So feel free to eat a bunch of burgers, drink some beer, and blow shit up. Just make sure you use sun screen. And Happy My Dad’s Birthday.