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The Raconteurs with Ricky Skaggs and Ashley Monroe

Posted in music, video on Friday, 2008 by Todd.Levinson.Frank

Just found this cool version of the song “Old Enough” from the Raconteurs Consolers of the Lonely album. But this time Jack White and the boys rock it bluegrass style with Ricky Skaggs and Ashley Monroe. Intersting take on a great song, and a solid performance:


Who Killed The Electric Car?

Posted in movies, politics, video on Tuesday, 2008 by Todd.Levinson.Frank

I can’t recommend this film highly enough. It’s called WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? and is available thru Netflix and probably any other source you might get DVD’s from. It’s a couple years old now, but it’s so very timely: we could help save the auto industry AND the economy AND the earth AND start to break free not just from foreign oil, but OIL. Please watch this film and tell others to do the same. Here’s the trailer:

Hot Off the Presses: "Enraged" video

Posted in music, video on Monday, 2008 by Todd.Levinson.Frank

Just got an email from our good friends and rockers extraordinaire Girl Loves Distortion. You may remember we reviewed the CD HERE. Now comes word of their new video:

Greetings Earth Beings,
We have just posted our first-ever video for the song Enraged. Our great friend Josh Bolton (Drawing Lines) was kind enough to fly up from Florida this past Halloween Weekend and film the band performing live at the Artery 717 in Alexandria, VA. Most of the footage is from that night. We will also have more videos coming very soon including one for the song Luminance. Enjoy.

Financial Crisis: a Look at the Big Bailout

Posted in politics, video on Tuesday, 2008 by Todd.Levinson.Frank

Funny cartoon from Scott Bateman: